Getting Started with YuJa

IMPORTANT NOTE: YuJa will no longer be available to St. Olaf users after July, 2019. Please do not create any additional content. For help in migrating your YuJa content to our new platform, contact

A good way to get started with YuJa is to try out some of its features and capabilities for yourself. Below is an overview of some of YuJa’s functions, along with links to help you get started trying it out. If you have never logged in to YuJa at St. Olaf before, you will need to create an account.

Once logged in, you will be able to

  • View collections of recordings associated with any of your courses which are using YuJa.Collection of your recordings.
  • View, share, and make changes to any of your own recordings, which you will find in the My Media collection.My Media collection.
  • Download and install YuJa recorders for Mac or Windows. All you need to start making YuJa recordings is a microphone, and if desired, a webcam. The webcam is optional since often what you primarily want to display is your computer screen as you talk though a slideset, browse the web, or interact with an application.YuJa website menu.
  • View recordings in YuJa’s learning-oriented multi-stream viewer, which displays video, the computer screen, and the document camera side-by-side. In addition, YuJa allows for variable-speed playback, note taking, versatile navigation, and powerful search features.YuJa recording example of screen.

More about getting started

YuJa is a versatile media toolkit that has a number of functions beyond what is covered here. Other features of YuJa include mobile apps for iOS and Android, integration with Moodle, and, in certain situations, the ability to live stream a session as you record. See the YuJa website for a complete overview of the YuJa platform, and the YuJa Help Center for detailed documentation.

Keep in mind that all of the YuJa features have not yet been implemented at St. Olaf. As you learn more about YuJa and find things that particularly interest you, we recommend that you consult with a member of the DiSCO staff to discuss your ideas and needs, or to just get help along the way. In particular, please speak with us if you want to try making a classroom recording or using YuJa with Moodle, as there are some specific things you will need to know to make it work. Also, you will need to contact us so we can change your user role to “Instructor”, enabling you to work with class groups and access additional features of YuJa. Contact us by emailing

Instructions for getting started

Getting a YuJa account

Installing the YuJa Recorder (Mac)
Installing the YuJa Recorder (Windows)

Making a Recording (Mac)
Making a Recording (Windows)


Ideas for Using YuJa YuJa for Lecture Recording YuJa and Moodle