Google Drive

Google Drive is composed of:

  1. My Drive – store files owned by individuals
  2. Team Drive – store files owned by team

Google Drive is a file storage system launched and hosted by Google that allows for easy saving and sharing of documents, collaboration with co-workers, and a clear layout to help orient and organize large quantities of files.  Allowing access from any supported device, Google Drive is the answer for people who switch between multiple devices. In addition to the storage and access capabilities, Google Drive will ensure that you do not lose any critical files. When you upload a file to Google Drive, it will enter the cloud. The cloud will remotely store your files so that even if your device crashes, your files will still be safe and accessible.

Most commonly used for it’s three main applications — Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides — Google Drive allows users to construct documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as upload photos, develop polls, map out destinations, and create drawings. Applications like Google Drive, Sheets, and Slides are stored inside your Google Drive. For the Google Drive enthusiasts, there is also the ability to add additional apps to Drive.

While the St. Olaf network drives have been beneficial for many students, faculty, and staff, the abilities of Google Drive far exceed those of the network drives. The St. Olaf IT Department encourages users away from network drives to use Google Drive.

Windows 10 – How to Access Google Drive File Stream AKA G: Drive

From your Windows search (lower-left corner of your screen, select the magnifying glass), type “drive file stream” and select the application (you might need to log in, if you aren’t already):



To learn more about Google Drive, how to access and install Drive on your computer, along with Team Drives and Google Groups, please watch our training video:

The links below provide additional information:

Google Drive icon. Google Docs icon. Google Sheets icon. Google Slides icon.


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MAC Users: Please note, File Stream requires a minimum of El Capitan 10.11+.

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