Installing the YuJa Recorder (Mac)

Here’s how to obtain and install the YuJa Software Recorder on a Macintosh computer. The software is free for use by any member of the St. Olaf community.

  1. Log in to YuJa at by selecting My Institution’s SSO under Login Using, selecting Login, and using your St. Olaf Google account.
    YuJa St Olaf log in page.
  2. Select Capture & Live Stream from the YuJa Main Menu, then select Install.
    Select Capture and Live Stream.Select Install.
  3. Select Download. Video tutorials are provided by YuJa for assistance in downloading as needed.
    Select Download.
  4. Locate and run the downloaded installer on your computer.
    Drag YuJa Software icon to the Applications folder.

You are now ready to make a YuJa recording by following these instructions.