Introducing YuJa

Think of YuJa as a versatile toolkit for using media for teaching and learning.


YuJa is a recorder

  • Record lectures, including the computer screen and document camera. You can even stream them live!
  • Record quick “explainer” screencasts in your office or at home.
  • Students can record themselves for presentations, critique, or self-assessment.
  • Use a smartphone or tablet to make recordings in the field.

YuJa is a learning-oriented video player

  • Shows multiple synchronized streams at once.
    (e.g. slides or other screen content, document camera, video)
  • Navigate visually or search within recordings to go straight to the relevant passages.
  • Take notes within the player or discuss recordings with classmates.
  • Auto-generated accessible captions.

YuJa streamlines media use

  • Create video without having to think about file formats or where to put the files.
  • Recordings automatically go to the cloud, with essentially unlimited capacity.
  • Embed or link to YuJa video in WordPress, email and other useful places.
  • Provides a way for students to submit video assignments.

YuJa works with Moodle

  • Embed YuJa recordings in Moodle pages.
  • Students are notified when new recordings are available.
  • Students can upload video assignments.
  • Students can discuss and comment on recordings.

But can’t you just use a camcorder?

Although some of these needs can be addressed in other ways, YuJa offers a number of key advantages that often make it the best choice.

  • Widely available across St. Olaf College.
  • Make recordings using your computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • Provides a cloud solution for where to put your video.
  • Puts video files in the cloud in the right format.
  • Makes recordings searchable using text and voice recognition.
  • Multi-stream: video, computer screen, document camera.

What’s next?

Explore the links below to learn more about using YuJa.

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