iPad Loan Policy Agreement


  • Students who are in a course that uses the iPad are eligible to borrow the device.
  • St Olaf IT does not loan iPads to individual students.
  • Eligible student users may borrow one iPad and must come to IT in person with a valid St. Olaf ID card to complete the checkout process. Before receiving the iPad, users must read, agree to, and sign the iPad Loan Policy Agreement.

Loan Period

  • iPads must be checked out from IT during regular operating hours. The loan period can vary from one month during the summer to a semester during the academic year and will be determined by IT staff at the time of checkout.
  • At the end of the loan period, users must return the iPad to IT during regular hours, and check in the equipment with a member of the professional IT staff (not a student worker).

Care and Safety

  • Users are responsible for keeping the iPads safe and in good working condition.  
  • The iPads should be kept in their cases and carried in backpacks or shoulder bags or locked in a secure location. When traveling, users should keep the iPads in carry-on bags and not in checked luggage.
  • To clean the iPads, users should wipe the screens and the back with a slightly damp cloth, being careful not to get any liquid in the open ports.
  • If an iPad is lost or stolen, the user should report it immediately to the professor and the St. Olaf IT staff (itech@stolaf.edu).

Fines and Damages:

  • The working condition of the iPad will be assessed before checkout and upon its return. If the iPad has been damaged, lost, or stolen, users will be assessed a fee of $500.00 for the device, and $30 each for lost, stolen, or damaged cases, power blocks, and USB cables. Therefore, a borrower that does not return an iPad by the due date may be charged up to $590 per iPad.
  • Damage of College-owned devices is determined at the sole discretion of St Olaf IT staff and the Director of Information Technology.
  • Devices must be logged out of any user-owned Apple iCloud account. If this has not been done prior to the return of the device, late fees and or lost device charges will be applied.
  • A $15.00 late fee will be assessed for each day that the iPad is returned past its due date and may result in restrictions on future checkouts.
  • If an iPad is 3 days overdue, it will be considered lost or stolen, and the borrower may be charged for its replacement.
  • All charges will be billed to the user by the St Olaf College Business Office, TOH134

Privacy and Use

  • The iPads available for checkout are managed via the St. Olaf Mobile Device Management system. Users may not change or remove the existing apps or settings that are on the iPad.
  • If there are any technical problems with the iPad, users should consult with the course instructor or with St. Olaf IT staff.
  • The iPads are equipped with WiFi, and users may connect either to the eduroam or St. Olaf Guest wireless networks via the Settings app.
  • The iPads have 16 GB of storage and are preloaded with a suite of applications. Users may purchase and download additional applications using their personal Apple IDs, but these applications are not the responsibility of the St. Olaf IT department. User-owned iCloud accounts must be cleared from the device before return, or late fees and fines will apply.
  • At the end of the loan period, all data and apps will be wiped from the iPads and replaced with the standard preloaded apps. Any extra apps purchased by users during the loan period will be available via user iTunes account and can be downloaded again when needed. However, user data may be lost if it is not transferred to a computer via iTunes or iPhoto or saved to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, or another cloud service.