Making a Recording (Mac)

How to configure the YuJa Software Recorder

YuJa allows you to create one or more recording profiles to specify what video and audio sources to use. For example, although most computers contain a built-in microphone, you will get better audio quality by using an external mic or headset. If you don’t tell YuJa which microphone to use, it will simply use the lower quality internal microphone. While sometimes you may want to record the computer screen, other times you may just want audio and video. You can set up different profiles for different recording needs.

Prior to launching the YuJa Software Station, plug in any external webcams or microphones you wish to use.

If you want to launch YuJa from your web browser, begin at Step 4.


  1. Locate the YuJa Software Station on your Mac and launch the software.
  2. Sign in using Single Sign On and select St Olaf College. Select Sign In.
    Select Sign In.
  3. The first time you log in to YuJa from the desktop, it will ask you if you want to Register YuJa Software Station. Select Never. You do not need to register to use YuJa. Proceed to Step 7.
    Select Never.
  4. Log in to the YuJa website using the heading My Institution’s SSO using your St. Olaf username and password.
    Log in using My Institution's SSO
  5. Select Capture & Live Stream and then select Start Capture.
    Select Capture and Live Stream
    Select Start Capture
  6. Select Start Capture. It is also possible to launch the YuJa Software Station directly from your Mac desktop by searching YuJa Software Station in the Spotlight Search (Command-Spacebar).
    Select Start Capture
  7. Select Save to My Media Library. If you are involved with specific courses, this is where you would tell YuJa where to publish your recordings.
    Select Save to My Media Library
  8. Enter a Title and optional Description for your recording. If no appropriate profile exists, select the Edit icon to create a profile. If an appropriate profile exists, select the profile and proceed to Step 11 to start a recording.
    Enter Title and select Edit Icon
  9. Select or create a profile by choosing the Capture Settings you want to use for YuJa.
    Choose Capture Settings
  10. Video is optional, select No if you do not want video. If you do want to use video, select the webcam that you want to use. Select Advanced Settings. For Resolution, select 1024×576 or the next highest combination available. The Frame Rate should be at the highest frames per second setting available.
    Select Video Settings
  11. Select the microphone that you want to use. Select if you want to capture the computer screen. Select Next.
    Select Screen and Microphone settings. Select Next.
  12. Under Broadcast Settings, choose whether you want the class or group to be notified when the recording is complete.
    Select your Broadcast Settings.
  13. Enter a Profile Name and select Save. An example of a good profile name is “Audio, Screen, No Video” or “Audio and Video”.
    Enter a Profile Name
  14. Select Continue.
    Select Continue.
  15. Check to make sure your capture sources are working. Select Start to begin your capture.
    Check Capture Sources
  16. There will be a three second countdown before capture begins. Use this time to load slides or pages onto the screen.
    Screen Countdown
  17. To end your recording, select the YuJa icon from the top right corner of your screen and select Show Preview Monitors. You may also end your recording by using Command+Shift+F.
    Select Show Preview Monitors
  18. Select Finish. It is also possible to Pause your recording at this point.
    Select Finish
  19. Choose whether to DeleteSave, or Post your recording. Post Now will only be available if you selected a group in Step 7.
    Select Delete, Save, or Post


You can now go to the Media Library at to view or publish your recording.