Minitab is a statistics software package for Windows PCs used at St. Olaf College. It is pre-installed on all lab and classroom computers. Minitab can also be installed on student-owned computers.

Note: If you install Minitab on your computer, please make sure you exit it when not in use as keeping it running may prevent other users from using Minitab. Thanks!

Installing Minitab

To install Minitab on a faculty- or student-owned computer:

  1. Launch the installer located at I:\Minitab16\setup.exe.
  2. The installer will install Minitab 16; you will see the installation progress, but you will not need to enter any information.
  3. When the installer finishes, you can launch Minitab 16 from the desktop shortcut or from the Start menu.

Note: The Minitab Update Manager will also be installed. This application will automatically check for Minitab software updates once a month and notify you when there is an update that can be installed.

Additional Information about Minitab

  • Minitab is published by Minitab.
  • Minitab documentation is located here.

Versions and Availability

St. Olaf has a 75 user license for Minitab. 70 of these licenses are available for use by computers on campus. 5 licenses are reserved for faculty with laptops. St. Olaf is currently running Minitab version 16. Minitab is available for Windows PCs only.

Minitab’s software license allows St. Olaf students to install Minitab on their personally-owned computers. To use Minitab, the computers need to be connected to the St. Olaf network and use the Minitab license server.