Moodle at St. Olaf

What is Moodle?


Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is an open-source course management system that is used in education and other settings throughout the world.

Moodle was designed using pedagogical principles and can be easily customized, making it an excellent platform for e-learning courses, hybrid courses, and a variety of other learning environments.

How many St. Olaf faculty members use Moodle in their courses?

Approximately 70 percent of professors at St. Olaf use Moodle for their courses. Faculty use Moodle to organize and distribute course materials, such as syllabi, calendars, assignment sheets, lecture notes, Powerpoint presentations, etc. Many faculty use Moodle as a place for students to submit assignments in a variety of file formats. Some use Moodle for individual and collaborative assignments by creating discussion forums, quizzes, and online writing assignments. Many faculty also use the Moodle gradebook so that students can easily track their grades during the course of the semester.

How do Moodle sites get created for St. Olaf courses?

Moodle sites are automatically created for all St. Olaf courses. Both the faculty and all registered students are automatically added to their courses. If students add courses after the start of the semester, they will be automatically added to Moodle course sites. However, please note that students are added to Moodle overnight after they officially add a course at the Registrar’s Office, so they will not be able to view the course until the following morning.

What other groups use Moodle sites at St. Olaf?

Many campus organizations, committees, academic and staff offices, and other groups also create Moodle sites to organize and distribute documents and links related to a particular topic. Some examples of these sites are Writing Resources, Speaking Center, GRE Prep, CURI Research, Provost’s Office, and many more.

How do I request a Moodle site for my organization, committee, etc.?

If you would like to create a Moodle site for your organization, office, committee, or another purpose, send an email to Include a title for the Moodle site and the name of the person who will be organizing the site.

Even if you know the basics of Moodle and are familiar with past versions of the site, it is worth checking out the new features in Moodle 3.0.