Moodle Basics

Here are reference pages for the basic functions of Moodle that you’ll use often as you work with Moodle.

Using the HTML Editor

How to insert HTML code into your Moodle courses.  Especially useful for embedding external content into a Moodle course

 Formatting Topics

How to edit and adjust your topic headings.

Explanation of Moodle Roles

Moodle roles are like permissions for users. Here’s how they work.

Turning on Editing and Adjusting Settings

How to work with settings for your Moodle course.

Course Visibility and Start Date

How to adjust the start date of your course and make your course visible to students

Design Best Practices

What tends to work for St Olaf Moodle courses

Understanding the Editing Icons

Your guide to all the little icons.

Using the Text Editor

All text editors are fairly similar, but Moodle has some special features.


What groups are and how to use them

Adding Folders

Contain multiple files in folders to reduce scrolling

Adding Labels

Labels in Moodle have many uses.

Adding Blocks to Sidebars

Work with blocks to add additional functionality to your course