Moodle Course Housekeeping

How to manage your Moodle courses: visibility, users backup/restore, and logs.

Course Visibility

How to make your course visible to students, and how to hide it from prying eyes.

 Adding Users to Moodle

Not every Moodle role can add people to courses.  Here’s an explanation of who can add which roles to St Olaf Moodle courses.

Metacourses and Section Groups

Teaching more than one section of the same course?  A metacourse will allow you to combine all your students into a single metacourse, but keep the sections separate for grading purposes.

Creating Backups

How to back up your course, either against data loss or to move your course to a new Moodle server

Restoring Courses

How to restore a Moodle course from a backup file.

Using Logs of Course Activity

Did you know Moodle logs just about everything anyone does on the site and in your course?  Did you also know you have access to all the logs for your course?  Here’s how to find them.

How Moodle and SIS Relate to Each Other

In which the mysterious workings of how Moodle and SIS talk (and when) are revealed.