Moodle Gradebook

Gradebook Basics

Moodle’s built-in gradebook is customizable to meet the needs of a variety of courses. Learn more about how to access the gradebook, set it up, and edit its settings.

What is the Moodle gradebook?

Find out why the Moodle gradebook might be right for you, how to view the gradebook, and more.

Gradebook setup

Organization of the gradebook with categories, items, and weighting

Grade settings explained

Settings for each grade item examined in detail, include grade type and custom letter grades

Grades and Grade Aggregation

Grade aggregation

How scores are added together to create a final grade

Grade report views

The gradebook has several different ways to view grades.

Grade report display settings

Each grade report has settings to change how it appears.

 Groups in gradebook

How dividing students into groups or sections impacts the behavior of the gradebook

Creating groups

How to add groups to you Moodle course


How to grade items and students on an S/U scale

Scaling methods

Grading by qualitative scales instead of quantitative scales is possible.


How to create and grade students on a rubric

Grading guides

How to create and grade students by criteria on a grading guide


Using the Moodle Gradebook

Using the gradebook guide

How to enter scores for online and offline assignments

Setting up with natural weighting

How to format a gradebook in order to use natural weighting

Setting up with weighted categories

How to format a gradebook to use weighted categories