Groups in Moodle

Course participants can be placed into groups. These groups can be used for dividing students for projects, presentations, and small discussions. They transfer to the gradebook for grading too. Groups can also be used to distinguish class sections in metacourses. In order to take advantage of these functions, you must first follow the guide below to create groups. For more detailed information on groupos, visit Moodle’s own documentation.

How do I create a group?

  1. Navigate to your course homepage.
  2. In the Settings tool, select More and then Users under Course Administration.
  3. Once you have selected Users, proceed to select Groups.
  4. To create a group by hand, select the Create group button and continue to step 4. (To auto-create groups, select the Auto-create button and enter the number of students per group. Complete other settings as necessary.)
  5. Enter a Group name.
  6. If desired, enter a Group ID number. Generally this can be left blank. The ID number of a group is only used when matching the group against external systems and is not displayed anywhere on the site. If the group has an official code name it may be entered, otherwise the field can be left blank.
  7. If desired, enter a Group description.
  8. If desired, enter an Enrollement key. Students must enter the enrollment key in order to join the group. If a group enrollment key is specified, then not only will entering that key let the user into the course, but it will also automatically make them a member of this group.
  9. If desired, choose a group picture.
  10. Select Save changes.

How do I add users to a group?

  1. On the course group page, select the group in the Groups list on the left.
  2. Select Add/remove users on the right.
  3. You are now on the Add/Remove users page. Search for members to add on the right. Alternatively, hold down the Control/Command Key while clicking to select multiple users.
  4. Select Add.
  5. When finished editing group membership, select Back to groups on the bottom left of the page.

Now that you know how to create and edit groups, learn how they can be used in the gradebook.