Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions are one of the most common questions on Moodle quizzes. Questions of this type are simple to create. The instructions below explain the process. For a more detailed explanation, see Moodle’s own documentation for multiple choice questions.

How do I create a multiple choice question?

  1. Begin the process of adding a question to a quiz or to a question bank.
  2. When the Choose a question type to add window appears, select Multiple choice for the question type. Select Add.Screenshot of gray pop-up window with two panes to select question type and its description
  3. Place the question in the correct Category.
  4. Provide a question name.
  5. Enter the question text in the box. This is the question to be answered.
  6. Default points sets the value of the question.
  7. (Optional) Provide general feedback that all students will see once finishing the quiz.
  8. Decide whether there are one or multiple answers.
  9. Shuffle changes the order of choices.
  10. Select whether to the number the choices with letters, numbers, or Roman numerals
  11. Write each answer choice and the grade it will receive. At least one answer must be worth 100% if there is only one answer. Partial and negative credit are possible. Feedback in these boxes will be shown only to students who selected that particular choice.
  12. Select Save changes when finished.


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