Question Banks Explained

Creating a quiz on Moodle is a two or three part process. It requires:

  1. Creating a quiz shell.
  2. (Optional) Adding questions to the question bank.
  3. Populating the quiz shell with questions.

This page will guide you through the second step, adding questions to the question bank. Keep in mind that when creating a quiz, it may be easier to skip this step and proceed directly to adding questions to the quiz.

What is a question bank?

A collection of questions forms a question bank. It allows you to create, preview, and edit stored questions. Question banks can store questions within categories. The categories can be limited to being used on the site, course, or quiz level. The questions stored in the question bank can be reused in different quizzes and lessons. Questions added directly added to quizzes and lessons are automatically saved in the question bank.

How do I reach the question bank for my course?

  1. Navigate to your Moodle site.
  2. Under the Administration block, select Question bank.Screenshot of Moodle course with arrow pointing to "Question bank" link on lower left side
  3. You are now in the Questions section of the Question bank. A menu has also expanded below Question bank in the Administration block.

How do I organize my question bank?

  1. From the question bank, select Categories in the Administration block.Screenshot of a webpage titled "Question bank" with an arrow pointing to the link "Categories" in the lower left corner
  2. The top half of the page displays the default category and any existing categories for your course. The bottom half displays the Add category option. Here you can create categories for each unit, week, or quiz. The Parent category is the “folder” that your new category will go in.Screenshot of webpage with settings for name and description
  3. Once you have added your categories, they will appear on the top half of the page. Categories can be reorganized with the arrows to the right of the name. They can also be edited or deleted using the “x” or “gear” icons.Screenshot of webpage titled "Edit categories" in Moodle
  4. Changes are automatically saved.

How do I add questions to the question bank?

It is strongly recommended that you add questions directly to quizzes instead of the question bank. The process is listed below for reference.

  1. From the question bank, select Questions in the Administration block.
  2. Select Create a new question… in the center of the page.Screenshot of webpage titled "Question bank" in Moodle with arrow pointing to "Create a new question..." button
  3. In the window that appears, choose a type of question to add on the left, and then select Add.
  4. Create the question according to its type.
  5. Select Save changes.
  6. Repeat as necessary.

Now that you have organized your quiz bank and perhaps created questions, the final step is to populate the quiz shell with questions.