RStudio Menu Bar

Anytime you use RStudio, you will see the menu bar across the top of the screen. Composed of eleven drop-down menus, the Menu Bar will assist you in executing the proper commands in RStudio. To learn more about the specific functions of each drop-down menu, read the following sections.


The RStudio File menu contains many of the standard functions of a File menu in any other software or program – New File, Open File, Save, Print. One important feature to mention in the RStudio File menu is the command Knit Document. Knitting a Document converts your RStudio file into an HTML file, a PDF document, or a Microsoft Word document. This makes the work that you have done easy to be read and shared in a variety of settings. The File menu additionally allows users to Import Datasets from outside softwares or programs.
RStudio File Menu.


The Edit menu will likely be a frequently used menu for RStudio users. Here users can Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, and Redo. The Edit menu is also very helpful in locating code or commands previously used. Featuring Go to Line…Find…, and Replace and Find, users can quickly edit or replace RStudio code. The Edit menu additionally has the command Clear Console which allows users to wipe the Console clean. Clear Console does not affect the Source, Environment/History, or Miscellaneous tabs.
RStudio Edit Menu.


The Code menu has commands used for working with code. Similar to the Edit menu, Code offers Jump To… for quick access to a specific code. Here you can rework the appearance of your code with Reformat Code, and where functions and variables may be removed with Extract Function and Extract Variable. The Code menu also provides commands for running the code with Run Selected Line(s)Re-Run Previous, and Run Region. RStudio code may be run directly in the Source tab by selecting either the green arrow with each code chunk or with the Run button at the top right of the Source tab, or users may specify which code they wish to run with one of the commands from the Code menu.
RStudio Code Menu.


The View menu is focused on how the user sees their RStudio workspace. This menu allows you to choose which tab you want to view, as well as where the mouse should be focused. Panes focuses on zoom abilities of RStudio and allows users to zoom in on a specific tab.
RStudio View Menu.


The Plots menu works specifically with plots that you have made in RStudio. This menu allows you to quickly switch between plots and zoom on the plot to enhance clarity. This is where you can choose to save your plot as either an image or a PDF, as well as where you may delete unwanted plots with Remove Plot….
RStudio Plots Menu.


The Session menu allows users to open a New Session… and Quit Session…. Here you may also Terminate R… if you are completely finished with using RStudio, or Restart R if an update needs to occur or the program needs to be refreshed.
RStudio Session Menu.


The Build menu features only one command: Configure Build Tools. Build Tools may only be configured inside of an RStudio project and are a way to package and distribute R code.
RStudio Build Menu.


The Debug menu is what ensures your code is working properly. When there is an error in your coding or commands, the Debug menu will point out the errors and allow you to decide if you wish to keep working with your RStudio code. You may choose how you wish to be notified of an error by using the option On Error. If you need additional help fixing an error, select Debugging Help.
RStudio Debug Menu.


The Profile menu allows users to better understand what exactly RStudio is doing . Profiling provides a graphical interface so that users may see what RStudio is working on in moments when you are waiting for an output to appear. By profiling, users can learn what is slowing their code down so that they may tweak parts in order to make the code run faster.
RStudio Profile Menu.


The Tools menu provides information on the current version of RStudio being run, as well as being the location where Packages and Addins may be installed. Tools also assists RStudio users with Keyboard Shortcuts, and allows users to Modify Keyboard Shortcuts to cater to individual’s needs and preferences.
RStudio Tools Menu.


The Help menu provides information to assist users maximize their RStudio proficiency. Direct links to RStudio Help are provided, as well as Cheatsheets made by RStudio professionals and a section on Diagnostics to allow the user to see what is occurring in RStudio.
RStudio Help Menu.