Setting up a YuJa activity within Moodle


YuJa and Moodle are designed to work together in ways that go far beyond adding videos to Moodle. When you’re using YuJa with a course

  • The students will have a folder on YuJa that contains all the recordings associated with the course.
  • The students will have viewing access to those videos. (As you would expect, viewers only have access to a specific YuJa recording if you grant them access. You don’t want to have to do that by hand for an entire class of students.)
  • Optionally, students in a course will receive an email notification each time a new recording is added.
  • Students within the course will have access to streaming sessions associated with the course.
  • When a student logs into YuJa, for example, from a smart phone app, , they will see videos and discussion threads related to the courses they are members of.

These features only become active for a Moodle course if you and all the students in that course do the following

  • The teacher must add a Moodle activity somewhere in the course that links to YuJa.
  • Each member of the course, both students and teacher, must follow the YuJa activity link at least once. When someone follows the YuJa link, they are added to the appropriate course space in YuJa. From that point, they are taken to the appropriate pace in YuJa regardless of whether they go to YuJa directly, via an app, or by following a link in Moodle.

Here are step by step directions for adding the YuJa activity to your Moodle course


Here’s what to tell your students about how your course works with YuJa