SPSS is a statistical software package used at St. Olaf College. With version 18, the name of the application has changed to “PASW Statistics 18” however, many will still refer to it as SPSS.

Versions and Availability

St. Olaf has a site license for SPSS which allows SPSS to be installed on any college-owned computers. St. Olaf is currently running SPSS version 18 and 23, and it is available for both Windows PCs and Macs. SPSS is installed in RML115.

Installation Types

There are two installation types for SPSS:

  • A network license installation uses a license server maintained by IT to restrict access to the application. When SPSS is installed with a network license, it will only function when the computer is connected to the St. Olaf network. This type of installation is used in campus computing labs.
  • A site license installation requires one time authorization from SPSS after installation. This type of license can be used off campus. Site license installations are used on faculty and staff desktops and laptops where there is a need to use SPSS when not connected to the St. Olaf network.

Installation Links