Teaching Tools

RStudio Server Pro

RStudio Server is a web-based statistics package using the R programming language. Primarily used for St Olaf statistics courses. See this page for basic information about using RStudio Server Pro.


EndNote is a tool to help you organize your pdf’s, references and Works Cited pages.

GIS and Mapping

GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems, which is a computer system used to store, display, and analyze spatial information.

3D Printing

Find additional information on the availability of 3D Printing in the DiSCO and how to request a print job.

3D Scanning

Read about how to get checked out on the DiSCO’s NextEngine 3D laser scanner, which can scan objects of any size, in full color, to an accuracy of .005″.

Academic Poster Design

Learn the foundations of poster design for academic purposes.

WordPress for Official College Sites, Course Sites & Individual Sites

WordPress is an open-source content management system that can be used to create websites, blogs, or a combination of the two.

Video Conferencing

We primarily support Google Hangouts Meet for video conferencing as this is a free video conferencing and screen-sharing tool that integrates with our existing St. Olaf google accounts.