Wireless Networks

Wireless networks at St. Olaf

St. Olaf operates two wireless networks: “eduroam” and “St. Olaf Guest. “eduroam” is a secure, authenticated wireless network that works on campus and allows seamless roaming to other higher education and research institutions. “St. Olaf Guest” is for use by guests of the college and devices (e.g. game consoles) that are unable to connect to the eduroam wireless network.

Connecting to eduroam

St. Olaf users are strongly encouraged to use the eduroam’ wireless network. This wireless network is secured, encrypted and provides access to the Internet and all St. Olaf computing resources.

Click on a link below to download an installer (the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool) which will configure your computer or mobile device for eduroam. 

Important! When asked for your username, please enter your full St. Olaf email address (username@stolaf.edu)


If you are a guest of the college coming from other eduroam participating institutions, your computer should automatically connect to the ‘eduroam’ wireless network. If prompted, use your home institution’s credentials to connect to eduroam. Please make sure you configure and test your connection at your home institution before visiting.

For all other guests and visitors, please connect to the ‘St. Olaf Guest’ wireless network.

All St. Olaf Laptops

We recommend logging into your St. Olaf laptop with your full email address, which is the method of authentication that eduroam uses.

Please note: Logging into your computer with your full email address will not impact your connectivity here on campus, just off campus at other institutions that use eduroam.

St. Olaf Laptops running Windows

If you’ve never logged into your Windows laptop with your full email address (or if you aren’t sure if you have), at the sign-on screen please choose “Other User.” This will give you a username field to enter your full email address.

If your Windows laptop goes to sleep and wakes up at a different institution, you will need to select the “eduroam_reconnect” wireless network. Please sign on with your full St. Olaf email address and password. Your computer should remember this preference (at the institution). If not, you’ll need to do this each time.