Your YuJa Account

IMPORTANT NOTE: YuJa will no longer be available to St. Olaf users after July, 2019. Please do not create any additional content. For help in migrating your YuJa content to our new platform, contact


If you have a St. Olaf email address you can log in to YuJa and begin using it immediately. There are three ways to get to your space on YuJa–via Moodle, directly at, or using a smart phone app. Each has its own advantages but in most cases you can use the method that best suits your needs at the time.

However, if you will be using YuJa in conjunction with a specific course, you will need to use the first login method, that is, accessing YuJa via Moodle, at least once so the course will be added as one of your courses in YuJa.

Logging into YuJa via Moodle

In cases where you are using YuJa in conjunction with a Moodle course, you will need to log in to YuJa via a link within the Moodle course at least once. This establishes a connection between your YuJa account and the relevant Moodle course. There will only be a link if your professor is actively using YuJa as part of a Moodle course. Links from a Moodle course will take you directly to that course’s space in YuJa. After you have established a link to the course space in YuJa by following a link from within Moodle, you may log in to YuJa directly if you prefer.

Logging into YuJa directly

It is also possible to access YuJa directly at Log in using Google and your St. Olaf username. Where it says Login Using, select My Institution’s SSO. You will then be able to select your St. Olaf account and log in.
YuJa login page for St. Olaf.

Logging in using the YuJa app

The YuJa mobile app is available for Android at the Google Play Store and for iOS at the App Store. When using the Android app, select Single Sign-On under Select Login Method. You may then use your regular St. Olaf login. Logging in to the iOS mobile app does not yet use Google authentication, but that capability is coming soon. In the meantime, if you want to use the iOS app on an iPhone or iPad you will need to know your YuJa username and password. This information may be found in an email you should have received when you first logged in. Search for an email from Contact if you need help finding your YuJa credentials.

What’s next?

Once logged in, check out Getting Started with YuJa to learn how to

  • View collections of recordings associated with any of your courses which are using YuJa.
  • View, share, and make changes to any of your own recordings, which you will find in the My Media collection.
  • Download and install YuJa recorders for Mac or Windows.

If you are a faculty or staff member and need to make use of additional capabilities of YuJa contact iTech by sending email to so we can change your user role to Instructor.