YuJa for Lecture Recording

IMPORTANT NOTE: YuJa will no longer be available to St. Olaf users after July, 2019. Please do not create any additional content. For help in migrating your YuJa content to our new platform, contact disco@stolaf.edu


YuJa is a versatile system for lecture recording, whether you want to document a guest speaker, accommodate the needs of a student who is physically unable to attend, or record an entire series of lectures for reference by students within your course. The YuJa player provides synchronized playback of whatever views were recorded, for example, slides on the computer screen, what you write on the document camera, and your image if you chose to record it.

YuJa Lecture Recording.Students can navigate through the recording visually using thumbnails of the slides, easily skipping to the parts they want to review. The audio can be sped up or slowed down for comfortable listening. YuJa makes the recordings searchable using both voice recognition and text recognition, and automatically generates captions. Students can take notes linked to specific times in the recording. You can edit YuJa recordings to show only the portions you want to make available. You can control the specific time period the recordings are available. In addition to making a recording, it is also possible to live stream a lecture using YuJa.

YuJa can also be linked with a Moodle course, so that new recordings are automatically posted to the Moodle course and, optionally, students receive an email with a link when a new recording becomes available.


YuJa availability in classrooms

Because YuJa is a software recorder, available for both Mac and Windows, you can potentially make a recording wherever there’s a computer and Internet connection. You can even install it on your own laptop to make recordings from anywhere.

But although YuJa is potentially widely available, it requires a microphone and (optionally) a camera, which would need to be provided in order to record a lecture in a specific room. What exactly is needed is dependent on the existing room setup. For example, in rooms that already have microphones, YuJa needs to be linked to the correct microphone input. Rooms that do not currently have microphones can be upgraded in some cases, and in other cases you might need to carry a microphone with you.

One way or another, we can likely find a way to make a YuJa recording in most teaching spaces, but because each situation is unique you’ll need to talk with us about your needs so we can get the required pieces in place.

Before you can use YuJa with course groups we’ll also need to work with you to set it up to work with Moodle.

Higher-end recording

YuJa Software box.

In addition to software recording, YuJa is also capable of making higher quality recordings using dedicated hardware. Such systems exist in several places on campus, including TOH 270, Holland Hall and the DiSCO. Additional teaching spaces will gradually be upgraded in this way.

Please contact us if you have suggestions for which spaces might be candidates for higher-end recording.

Audio-only recording

Many people automatically assume that recording your lectures involves appearing on camera. Showing the teacher can enhance a recording, and it is very important in some situations, but is by no means necessary. A high quality recording of your voice synchronized with whatever you’re showing on the computer screen (e.g. slides) can be more than sufficient in most cases, and reduces the need for set up and equipment. And because the lighting in most classrooms is not geared for video and a classroom camera would necessarily have a wide field of view, video quality for unattended recordings is often not as good as you would like.

Here is an example of an audio+screen lecture recording.


Add video and a document camera

Although audio+screen is simpler and requires less equipment and setup, there is no doubt that sometimes you simply need a video or document camera to tell the whole story. Here is an example of an audio+video+doc cam+computer recording.


How to start

Although making a YuJa lecture recording is not difficult, there are several things that need to be set up before you can proceed. If you want to give it a try, please contact itech@stolaf.edu for a consultation. In the meantime, you are welcome to explore other aspects of YuJa recording such as installing the recorder on your laptop or office computer to make casual recordings, clarify questions that came up in class, talk through concept examples, or make a video introducing yourself, among other things. See Ideas for using YuJa for ideas and inspiration.


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