YuJa Support Info

YuJa is a media toolkit that facilitates the creation and sharing of rich media content for teaching and learning. You can make recordings using Windows, the Macintosh, or iOS and Android apps. YuJa works with Moodle to provide a course-centric approach to creating, sharing, and facilitating discussion around recordings. You can also use YuJa to stream lectures, making them available as they happen to people who can’t physically attend.

YuJa Active Learning icon.One important aspect of YuJa is that it creates multi-stream recordings. In a lecture, for example, you might want to record several streams–typically video of the lecturer, what they’re presenting on the document camera, and the slides that are being projected. When a student plays back the recording, they see all the streams presented together, in a multi-stream player that allows them to search the recording, take notes, skip around, and vary the playback speed.

Below you will find links to various help topics on using YuJa at St. Olaf College. Much of what YuJa has to offer is self-service–you are very welcome to log in, try it out, make and publish recordings. All you need is a computer with a microphone and, optionally, a webcam.

If you want to use YuJa to record lectures, you will need to work with the instructional technology team (itech@stolaf.edu) to get YuJa set up and working in specific classrooms. If you want to use YuJa with Moodle, it is also advisable to have a conversation with iTech for tips on making the systems work together.


Using YuJa icon.

     Creating a YuJa account

     Installing the YuJa Recorder (Mac)

     Installing the YuJa Recorder (Windows)

     Making a Recording (Mac)

     Making a Recording (Windows)

     Editing and Publishing YuJa Recordings


YuJa and Moodle icon.

     Setting up a YuJa activity within Moodle

     The YuJa Media Chooser

Embedding a YuJa Recording in Moodle


Getting to Know YuJa icon.

     Introducing YuJa

     Getting Started with YuJa

     Ideas for Using YuJa

     YuJa for Lecture Recording

     YuJa and Moodle