Connect with Kierkegaard Scholars

On-Campus Scholars

The Hong Kierkegaard Library is proud of its commitment to hosting and promoting international scholarship. The Library hosts anywhere from 45–70 scholars, both international and national, each year. While the majority of the scholars come in June and July, some choose to research in the Library throughout the year.

As the scholars come from places all over the world, we encourage St. Olaf faculty and staff to spend time with our visitors. Whether it be of a professional nature, or simply taking them to a Twins game, the interaction will prove to be most rewarding.

The Kierkegaard House Foundation Fellows study either as pre-doctorate or post-doctorate scholars and typically spend an entire year on-campus studying, writing, and publishing materials.

The Summer Fellows spend the months of June, July, and August at the Hong Kierkegaard Library. These scholars reside in on-campus housing and come from all around the world and a wide range of backgrounds.

For specific information or to schedule a time to meet, please contact Eileen Shimota at