Student Resources and References

St. Olaf Student Resources

  1. The St. Olaf Library system, as well as the 20,000+ materials found in the Hong Kierkegaard Library, can be browsed online via the online cataloging database Catalyst.
  2. Undergraduate Journals of Philosophy can be an invaluable resource for any scholar interested in philosophical, theological, or interdisciplinary branches of study.
  3. The Reed is an interdisciplinary undergraduate journal of Existentialism published by students of St. Olaf College.
  4. The St. Olaf Philosophy Department offers a detailed collection of resources covering everything from philosophical writing and grammar to graduate school information to published journals and blogs.
Kierkegaard Organizations


Kierkegaard Information Websites


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Selected Publishers of Kierkegaard Text and Studies


Booksellers With Interest in Kierkegaard


Students interested in further resources can find them here.