Summer Fellows Program for Research in Residence

Program Description

The Kierkegaard Library offers research fellowships to scholars for two to eight weeks in duration during the months of June and July. Acceptance includes free housing on campus as well as access to the libraries and other facilities of St. Olaf College. Acceptances are normally made to students at graduate level or to mature scholars. Advanced undergraduates are encouraged to apply to the Young Scholars Program.

While the program entitles scholars to use the resources of the Kierkegaard Library, they also have the opportunity to attend guest lectures, peer presentations, and participate in scholar seminars twice a week. The atmosphere encourages sharing of academic thoughts and opinions in relation to Kierkegaard’s writing and ideals.

Note: the dates for summer 2017 are: June 6 through August 4th. 2017 participants are listed at the bottom of this page.

How to apply:

Please send the following to Eileen Shimota by email or to the address below before March 15, 2017:

  1. Updated Curriculum Vitae or other description of your qualifications
  2. A description of your proposed research project and your reasons for wanting to use the collection
  3. Two (2) academic recommendations
  4. Your preferred dates in residence

Eileen Shimota, Program Coordinator
Hong Kierkegaard Library
St. Olaf College
1520 St. Olaf Avenue
Northfield, MN 55057


  • Anozie Benneth Chukwudum, Nigeria
  • Arthur Bartholo, Brazil
  • Maria Binetti, Argentina
  • Andrew Burgess, USA
  • Roberto Ferreira, Brazil
  • Samuel Filby, USA
  • Ryan Gesme, USA
  • Michael Glass, USA
  • Deidre Green, USA
  • Aline Grunewald, Brazil
  • John Haglund, USA
  • David Heckerl, Canada
  • Claus Juel Henriksen, Denmark
  • Danube Johnson, USA
  • Joshua Kennedy, UK
  • Roman Kralik, Slovak Republic
  • Bjorn Kristenson, USA
  • Irina Kruchinia, Russia
  • David Lappano, Canada
  • Oliver Norman, France
  • Wisdom Onjejiaka, Nigeria
  • Martina Pavlikova, Slovak Republic
  • Michio Ogino, Japan
  • Kevin Onwunali, Nigeria
  • Myron Penner, Canada
  • Valerie Roberge, Canada
  • Troy Smith, USA
  • Patrick Stokes, Australia
  • Susanne Tinley, Denmark
  • Mary Townsend, USA
  • Caleb Vogel, USA