Young Scholars Program


The Young Scholars Program plans to be held in person on the campus of St. Olaf College for the summer of 2022, but this is dependent on Covid-19 restrictions and protocol. Please continue to view this site for updated information. 

Dates for the Young Scholars Program for the summer of 2022 are: July 7th – July 29th.

Participants meet daily as a group with Professor Gordon Marino for close readings and discussion of the text, “Sickness Unto Death” and Kierkegaard’s Journals. Participation in the summer fellows seminars: two one-hour presentations per week is also required. In addition, students will have the library’s resources for their independent research projects. Housing is provided on campus, all other expenses are the responsibility of the young scholar. Food options are available on campus along with kitchens in the dorm. A handbook with specific information on this and more is provided upon acceptance.

This program is designed for college juniors or seniors or recently graduated college students who are serious about study and preparation for graduate school in a related field.

Application Process

For full consideration, send electronic copies of the following to Eileen Shimota by April 30th:

  1. A resume
  2. A research proposal, 1-2 pages in length focusing on area of interest in your research
  3. Two letters of recommendation, preferably directly to

Please read blog from former YS participant Maryam Baloch, St. Olaf College:

“The Young Scholars Program is held every year over the summer for anyone who wants to get to know Kierkegaard on a personal level. I personally had not known much about Kierkegaard except that he was an existentialist philosopher and wrote a great deal on what we now label as anxiety and depression. As a psychology student myself, I was immediately drawn to Kierkegaard’s writings. Not only does this ‘doctor of the spirit’ help us tackle some of the greatest musings on the meaning of life that have plagued humans for the longest time, but allows us an insight into his inner world which is both greatly sophisticated and enlightening.

Furthermore, Professor Gordon Marino has the incredible tendency to make Kierkegaard relatable and relevant in our lives. In the Young Scholars Program, students get an opportunity to learn first hand from Prof Marino and the discussions can range from Kierkegaard’s view on the despairing self to the existential concerns that employ the lives of modern humans. I highly recommend for anyone with a curious mind towards the world of existential philosophy to apply for The Young Scholars program over the summer and not miss an opportunity to get to know one of the greatest minds in the history of philosophy!”