Council and Ministry Teams

In both volunteer and elected congregation council positions, St. Olaf College students provide leadership in all areas of our congregation’s ministry. The St. Olaf Student Congregation Council is made up of students who meet twice every month to organize and carry out a wide variety of ministry opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.

St. Olaf College Student Congregation Council – Academic Year 2018-2019

President – Devin Ames ’19
Secretary – Lukas Lindgren ’21
Treasurer – Kathleen Rudberg ’21
Vice President of Worship – Madeline Nichols ’21
Vice President of Extra Campus Activities – Emilia Galchutt ’21
Vice Presidents of Life & Growth – Kaitlin Scott ’19
Vice President of Public Relations – Tony Dungan ’20
Representative to the Interfaith Coalition – Rachel Wyffels ’21
2019 Class Representative – Sarah Freyermuth
2020 Class Representative – Luke Bultena
2021 Class Representative – Bobby Isbell
2022 Class Representatives – Hannah Wangen, Marlee Baron


The Worship Ministry Team works with the college pastors and cantor to plan meaningful worship services. This team also plans special seasonal services such as midweek and Lenten vespers.

Are you interested in a volunteer opportunity? Consider serving as a reader, usher, communion assistant or assisting minister during a Sunday morning worship service. Or, bake communion bread for a Sunday worship service.

Extra Campus

The Extra Campus Ministry Team organizes the congregation’s involvement outside of the St. Olaf College campus, placing a special emphasis on worldwide issues of hunger, poverty, and human rights.

Are you interested in a volunteer opportunity? Consider serving on our Spring Service Project team.

Life & Growth

The Life & Growth Ministry Team seeks to enrich the spiritual lives of students through education and fellowship experiences, including our fall film series, Bible studies and discussion groups. The Life & Growth team works to encourage and enhance personal and community growth.

Are you interested in a volunteer opportunity? Consider contributing to our Lenten devotion book.

Public Relations

The Public Relations Ministry Team, along with the college pastors, serves as the public voice of the St. Olaf Student Congregation. The team creates and distributes posters for events, manages e-mail aliases and posts on online pages and social media.

Are you interested in a volunteer opportunity? Consider helping in the design of event posters or add your voice to our social media presence.

Interfaith Coalition for Peace and Justice

The Interfaith Coalition is an organization that brings together all of the religious organizations on campus. Its goal is to foster respect for the diverse religious identities of all people at St. Olaf College and to build relationships by learning and serving together.

Are you interested in a volunteer opportunity? Consider participating in the programming of the Interfaith Coalition for Peace and Justice.