Recital Performance & Attendance

Recital Guidelines


General Guidelines for all Official Music Department Recitals

  • Follow the policies and procedures provided in this handbook (Recital Guidelines I-V).
  • Official Music Department Recitals include weekly Student Recitals, Junior and Senior Recitals that fulfill a degree requirement, recitals by any senior student taking lessons in the semester of the performance, and Chamber Recitals (e.g. Brass Night, Woodwind Night), Composition (e.g. Fresh Ink), and Advanced Conducting Recitals (See I-III).
  • See IV below for sign up schedule for Junior and Senior Recitals.
  • Students must be taking lessons from a St. Olaf Music Department faculty member in the medium in which they will perform in order to perform in an official recital.
  • Chamber Recitals, Composition, and Advanced Conducting Recital participants must be under the mentorship of a music faculty.
  • No two official Music Department events may be scheduled at the same time.
  • For space availability, check the r25 Room Reservations WebViewer. Room reservation requests are submitted through this link.

IMPORTANT! Before planning or scheduling any recital performance, see the Collaborative Pianist section for information.

Recital Attendance Requirements

  • Non-music majors who are taking lessons are required to attend at least four (4) official recitals or concerts per semester.
  • Music majors are required to attend a minimum of ten (10) official recitals or concerts per semester.
  • Attendance credit is given for all official student recitals, faculty and guest artist recitals, and ensemble concerts. Attendance credit is not given for any recital in which you participate except for participation in Band Day, Choral Day, and Christmas Festival. Students participating in Christmas Festival will receive one pink card for the four- day event.
  • Attendance credit will also be give for attending official master classes (a minimum of one hour.)
  • Attendance credit will not be given for any musical event off-campus or for partial attendance.
  • To receive credit for attendance, pick up a “pink card” from the House Manage when you enter the concert hall. Fill out the card, sign it, and return it to the House Manager at the door as you leave. Pink cards are not accepted at any other time. Except for official master classes (see above), you must arrive on time and remain for the entire performance to receive attendance credit.