Housing & Food


With 95 percent of students living on campus or in college-owned houses nearby, Oles are all about community. You’ll be connected in everything you do, from teams and ensembles, to residence hall corridors, to learning cohorts like the Conversation programs and faculty-led study abroad groups, to clubs and organizations, to the worldwide alumni community. Oles live, learn, and play together. This is no accident. We have designed the campus, the curriculum, and the extracurricular programs to connect people and build friendships that last. Stav Hall is the hub of community life. It houses our award-winning food service, but it also serves as a community gathering place where you’ll see your friends for meals.



St. Olaf’s unique dining experience features one dining hall called Stav Hall, and the beloved campus cafe called The Cage. The tight-knit community at St. Olaf come together three times a day to dine together in Stav Hall and unlike larger colleges or universities, St. Olaf prides itself on our singular dining hall with a family dining room feel. Catered by Bon Appetit, St. Olaf College prides itself on consistently high national ratings of delicious food and–best of all–locally-grown food. The St. Olaf farm called STOGrow works with Bon Appetit to bring delicious, farm-fresh crops that St. Olaf students have grown and picked themselves. And did we mention that Stav Hall is all you can eat? No need to pay a la carte prices or have to choose between a home-cooked meal and a well-stocked salad bar: one swipe of your meal card means unlimited trips back to get all of your favorite foods–and desserts.



The Cage features the usual cafe cuisine with a unique spin. Popular favorites, such as the variety of “After Dark Specials” that the Cage serves only after 9:00 PM to students and the gluten-free pop-up bakery, cater to all tastes. St. Olaf has three main meal options for its students: 14 meals per week, 17 meals per week, and 21 meals per week so each student can find a meal plan that works perfectly for them. Each unique meal plan comes with a certain amount of “Flex dollars,” or money to be spent at The Cage. Leave your wallet at home, but don’t forget your student ID which acts as your campus debit card for all things food.

Other things worth mentioning:

  • Eating outside during concerts in the fall/spring
  • Themed nights in the Cafeteria (70’s night, Hawaiian night, etc.)
  • Caf dates (perfect way to meet friends; shows how friendly St. Olaf is)
  • “Caf creations” (student-created favorites, such as two cookies with peanut butter in between cooked on the panini press)