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Our Faculty Does More Than Teach

Our professors will push you hard in class, but they’ll also be the mentors who challenge you to think about where your learning will lead. They will get to know you well and they will play a key role in your experience. So, we asked a few of them to share their thoughts with you.

Watch Adam Berliner

Adam Berliner
Associate Professor of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Watch Louis Epstein

Louis Epstein
Assistant Professor of Music – Musicology

Watch Louis Epstein

Katherine Tegtmeyer Pak
Associate Professor of Political Science/Asian Studies

Watch Maria Pabon

María Pabón
Director of Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion

Watch Bill Sonnega

William Sonnega
Director of Media & Film Studies

Watch Maria Pabon

Colin Wells
Associate Dean of Humanities

Watch Kristina Medina Vilariño

Kristina Medina-Vilariño
Associate Professor of Romance Languages – Spanish

Watch Rodrigo Sanchez Gonzalez

Rodrigo Sanchez-Gonzalez
Associate Professor of Chemistry