A community that cares for its members.

At St. Olaf, we encourage Oles to challenge themselves and test their limits within a supportive environment. Learn more about the resources available through the Center for Academic Advising and Support to help Oles reach their full academic potential.

Meet the Panel

You’ll be hearing from Kathy Glampe, Director of Advising and Academic Support, and Joseph Young, Disability and Access Specialist, who will explain our student-centered, inclusive, and accessible approach.

You can browse the questions from our conversation below and watch their answers. *Videos recorded early-March 2020

How challenging are classes at St. Olaf?

What is Supplemental Instruction or "SI"?

St. Olaf values an academically rigorous, yet collaborative college experience. We want to provide our students with the tools they need to thrive in the classroom and support each other in community.

What is academic coaching?

How does St. Olaf support learning differences?

If a student needs accommodations, when and how do they get set up?

We hope this helped you envision what your academic experience could look like at St. Olaf. If you have any questions about academic advising and support, please reach out to your Admissions Officer.