Equity and Inclusion

Empowered, engaged, connected.

The Glenn and Myretta Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion aims to foster an inclusive environment across the intersections of race
and identity that students bring to St. Olaf.

Meet the Panel

You’ll be hearing from María Pabón, Director of the Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion, and Jessica Cameron, Associate Director of Multicultural, Gender and Sexuality, who will share helpful information about what to expect and how to get involved.

You can browse the questions from our conversation below and watch their answers.

What is the Taylor Center?

How do students get involved?

We welcome students as they are for who they are. We don’t ask them to pick or choose between their identities. We strive to have spaces, programs, and support that centers around students strengths, needs, and wants.”

WHat kind of programming does the Taylor Center organize and support?

Information for International Students

Information for BIPOC students

Information for LGBTQIA+ students

Information for First Gen students

Information for all other students