Courses, Norwegian Major, and Nordic Studies Concentration

Beginning Norwegian

111 | 112
Intermediate Norwegian
231 (FOL-N)| 232 (FOL-N)
Advanced Norwegian
253 (FOL-N, ORC)| 371 (ALS-L, FOL, WRI)| 372 (ALS-L, FOL, WRI)

Courses in Translation
130: Nordic Film (ALS-A)
140: Norway: Continuity and Change (ORC, HBS)
224: Murder Scandinavian Style: Nordic Crime Fiction (ALS-L)
240: Vikings: Medieval to Modern (ALS-L, ORC)
244: Sami:Tradition/Transition (ORC, MCG, HBS)
248: Rewriting Nordic Identity (MSG, ALS-L)
282: Ibsen (EIN)

Intended Learning Outcomes for the Norwegian Major
Norwegian Major
 (catalog description)
Checklist: Norwegian major
Nordic Studies Concentration (catalog description)
Checklist: Nordic Studies
Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum (FLAC)