Registered Nursing Assistant Training Information

Registered Nursing Assistant (NAR) course certification and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Nursing Assistant registration are required prior to starting the nursing program in the spring of your sophomore year. You need to provide documentation of the course name, location, and date of completion as well as documentation of verification of Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Nursing Assistant registration. 

Colleges, hospitals, and Red Cross offices offer Certificate Programs in Nursing Assistance.  Finding a NAR course, obtaining NAR certification, and registering with the MDH are your responsibility.  If you plan to take a NAR course outside of Minnesota, please be sure to check that out with the Minnesota Department of Health Nursing Assistant Registry to make sure it is a course they will accept.

The Minnesota Department of Health Nursing Assistant Registry has information about classes as well as reimbursement for training and testing (there is no processing fee for the Minnesota Registry, but there may be one from your state; processing may take up to 30 business days).

According to the Financial Aid office at St. Olaf, students may choose to use loan funds to cover the costs of a NAR course. The two complicating factors are:

  •  All of the loan funds would go through St. Olaf, even though the NAR course is not through St Olaf. Once the loan funds arrive at St. Olaf, if you have paid off your student account (meaning your balance is at $0.00 or you have a credit), you may use that money from your account to pay for the NAR course.
  • You need to apply for and receive the loan during an academic term where you are at least a half-time student. This means either fitting the loan into an Interim, Spring Semester, or Fall Semester to get those funds.  If you have any questions about this process, please stop by Steve Lindley’s office in Financial Aid (Tomson Hall 122) and he would be happy to talk about your individual situations.  His phone number is: 507-786-3521 and his email is: