Students must meet all college requirements for graduation, as well as complete eight prerequisite courses, one supporting course, and eleven upper level nursing courses.  Review the Nursing Program Planning Sheet for assistance with your planning process.

Conditional acceptance to the nursing major will become final, if students meet the following criteria at the end of the sophomore year:

A.  Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.85
B.  Prerequisites must be taken for a letter grade, cumulative grade point average of 2.70
C.  Only one prerequisite course may be below C- and this course (or an alternate course approved by the Nursing Department Chair) may be repeated once
D.  A minimum grade of C- must be achieved in the repeated or substituted course
E.  If a grade of C- is not achieved in the repeated or substituted course, the student may not continue in the major
F.  If two or more prerequisite courses are below C- the student may not continue in the major

Prerequisite Courses 
Nine courses to be completed before beginning upper division nursing courses are:

121 Biological Science (or 231 Microbiology)
143 Anatomy and Physiology: Cells & Tissue
243 Anatomy and Physiology

110 Nutrition and Wellness

125 Principles of Psychology
241 Developmental Psychology

Sociology (choose one) 
121 Introduction to Sociology
128 Cultural Anthropology
260 Sociology of Marriage and the Family
264 Race and Class in American Culture
267 Medical Anthropology

Supporting Course 
A course in ethics must be completed before graduation. Students should consult with their adviser to determine what courses meet this requirement.

Study Abroad 
Nursing students at St. Olaf can participate in the Study/Service or Semester Abroad programs listed in the International Studies section of the catalog. However, participants in semester programs abroad most likely will need additional time to complete all requirements for the nursing major. The academic adviser or the department chair will assist in planning for these experiences.

Second Majors 
Undergraduates may choose to earn a double major at St. Olaf, in nursing and another discipline. Additional time may be necessary for this choice, as well as advising by faculty representing both disciplines.

Students who have already earned a St. Olaf degree are eligible to earn a second major in nursing. Students should consult with the department chair to determine prerequisite courses needed prior to beginning the nursing courses. Special tuition charges are possible.