St. Olaf College of Nursing Alumni Comments

“The St. Olaf nursing program provided me with invaluable research and clinical experiences. My professors were always supportive, giving me every opportunity to further explore my interests within healthcare. Even after graduation, they continue to support me in my career and future academic endeavors.” Erin Blau, Class of 2013 

“I truly appreciated every lecture, clinical, and meeting in nursing faculty offices. I feel like I can go anywhere because I was given proper tools to start me off.”  Brittany Dahlen, Class of 2012 

“The St. Olaf nursing program provided the necessary resources to pass the nursing boards the first time and created a strong foundation for my nursing practice. I am grateful for the network of St. Olaf nursing alumni in the Twin Cities that I have had the pleasure to connect with and am proud to be part of the great reputation the program has in the greater Twin-Cities area.”  Patrick Faunillan, Class of 2013 

“As a nurse, I have the opportunity to save and improve lives, to teach people how to achieve better health and to advocate for patients to make sure they have the best healthcare, every day. My professors have done an excellent job of preparing me for positions in both inpatient and community settings.”  Wudneh Gaga, Class of 2006 

“Nurses who possess a St. Olaf liberal arts education are immediately recognized as leaders in the healthcare community.”  Phillip Rossing, Class of 2007 

“Nursing is the perfect way to live a life of service. Coming to St. Olaf for my nursing education is one of the best decisions I ever made. Our professors do a wonderful job of organizing our time, pushing us to push ourselves and to feel proud of our successes.”  Aubrey Rice, Class of 2006 

“People are most vulnerable when their health is at stake. To walk beside them as they cope with these issues is an amazing honor and responsibility.”  Breanna Peterson, Class of 2006

“A key attribute of the St. Olaf Nursing Program is the faculty commitment to helping students find their specific areas of interest while providing a rigorous, practical nursing education.”   Erin Forsythe, Class of 2006