STOGoals: Effective Communication and Collaboration

Students will convey ideas with clarity, and work constructively with others.


For example, students will be able to:

  • Make writing and speaking choices that reflect understanding of audience and purpose
  • Write clear, well-constructed, and engaging prose in a variety of genres
  • Listen attentively and emphatically
  • Speak persuasively, confidently, and expressively
  • Collaborate productively with others, knowing when and how to lead, and when and how to support the leadership of another
  • Model and foster respectful dialogue and civil discourse
  • Understand and express ideas in more than one language

Students can develop these abilities through experiences such as:

  • Completing General Education courses in Oral Communication and Writing in Context
  • Working as an Admissions tour guide
  • Living in a language Honor House
  • Making a presentation about a research project to a community group
  • Working with or as an academic consultant through the Academic Support Center
  • Speaking in chapel


For more information about student learning outcomes, visit the college’s Assessment Results pages.