STOGoals: Specialized Knowledge of a Particular Field or Topic

Students will develop deep knowledge of a field of study and its distinctive modes of inquiry, creation, and expression.

For example, students will be able to:

  • Understand the subject matter associated with a specific field, practice, or topic – terms, concepts, classic and contemporary scholarship, controversies, and current issues
  • Use methods of inquiry characteristic of the field to investigate a specific question or issue
  • Use tools or techniques characteristic of the field to demonstrate, create, or perform
  • Think like a scholar or practitioner in the field (a historian, an artist, an economist, a psychologist, an educator, an Asian Studies specialist, etc.)
  • Recognize connections between an area of specialized knowledge and other fields

Students can develop these abilities through experiences such as:

  • Completing any major or concentration
  • Working as a student assistant in an academic department
  • Participating in intercollegiate athletics
  • Being a peer educator, academic consultant, TA, or advisor
  • Singing or playing in a music ensemble
  • Conducting research with a faculty member through the Collaborative Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (CURI) program


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The majority of alumni say that college prepared them well for graduate or professional school (2018 HEDS Alumni data):