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Global Career Intelligence Resources

GoinGlobal helps job and internship seekers find opportunities both at home and abroad. The site is a constantly updated career resource committed to providing “grassroots employment intelligence” through a team of local career experts. These globally-minded individuals are in place around the world, personally monitoring and updating the career information and resources that are delivered to the user.

  • ​​Country, Global City, and US City Career Guides: Utilize GoingGlobal’s comprehensive career resource tool kit filled with everything you need to find a job or internship around the world.  ​ Students pursuing study abroad can also find these guides helpful as they prepare for their travel.​
  • ​​Global Job Search:  Job​s​ are updated daily and give you the ability to search 16 million+ worldwide postings in the local language, as well as English.
  • ​​Global Internship Search:  Explore thousands of internship opportunities at home and abroad – updated daily.
  • ​​H1B:  Search H1B visa records by job location, occupation and company name to identify U.S. employers seeking to hire international professionals with your skills and expertise.
  • ​​Employer Directory Search:  Target key employers using our corporate profiles of the top companies throughout 196 countries.

​An important feature of GoinGlobal is the ability to create unique accounts to facilitate a customized homepage, set job alerts, bookmark content, as well as save content and profile information.

 To Make an Account:

  • Click on the logo above or use this link to access GoinGlobal from any computer on campus.
  • Select “Create Account” and complete the required information.
  • Once you have made an account from a campus computer, you can access the site both on and off campus.

Preparing for your time abroad

Making Your Decision & Assessing Opportunities
Logistics of Working/Volunteering Abroad
Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence

World Business Culture provides country-specific information on cultural elements of business.

Career Search Links

General International Links
Education (teaching certification not required)
Volunteer/Full-Time Service Opportunities

Study Abroad Programs with Internship Opportunities

This information is provided by the International and Off-Campus Studies Office.  Please check with IOS if you are interested in a study abroad opportunity with an internship component.

International Programs that Require Internships
Domestic Programs that Require Internships
Programs that Offer Internships, Volunteer Placements, and/or Service Learning

General International Job and Internship Links

Education (teaching certification not required)

Volunteer/Full-time Service Opportunities

References for Working and Volunteering Abroad

St. Olaf College’s International & Off-Campus Studies – There are many faculty members who have led study abroad programs, and therefore have extensive knowledge of other countries. Go to the International & Off-Campus Studies website to see which faculty members might be helpful to contact for more information about your region of interest. Additionally, check out the information the IOS office provides about traveling abroad.

*Disclaimer: By no means is this an exhaustive list of available websites or even occupational areas. We at the Piper Center have no specific knowledge of the positions listed within these links, nor are we endorsing these sites as the most appropriate for your individual search.

Additional Application Resources

International Application procedures vary by country, but the materials you submit are often very different from those of the USA. Use the resource below to learn more about how to format a resume and apply for positions in other countries.

Start by preparing a resume compatible with standards in the US. Make sure to emphasize your language skills and any previous international experience. Consult with your language professors, or a native of the country you’re targeting, for advice on how to translate your resume into the language and standards of that country in addition to using the resources below.

Europass CV– A CV format instituted by the European Union for standardizing CVs throughout its member nations.