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Service and Leadership Opportunities for Students

The Piper Center supports students in identifying, pursuing, and learning from a wide variety of service, internship, civic engagement and leadership opportunities that enable students to explore their interests, gain out of the classroom experience and positively impact the world around them.

Local Internship & Civic Engagement Opportunities

Please see the link for descriptions of potential opportunities and organizations. Many internships enable students to address community and public issues as part of a structured work experience. Students can also search for internships using Ole Career Central or other resources.

Funding and Grants

The following funds are available for students to identify civic engagement experiences and projects:

Community-Based Work Study/Northfield Reads & Counts

Qualifying students may earn their work-study awards off-campus performing jobs for nonprofits or tutoring in the schools. Students must have a Federal work study award to be eligible. Contact Julie Bubser at bubserj@stolaf.edu in Office of Student Activities for more information.


There are numerous opportunities for students to volunteer with local nonprofit organizations and schools. Volunteers can tutor, perform research, and participate in direct service. Identify volunteer opportunities using the Local Internship & Civic Engagement Opportunities Web Resource or through the Volunteer Network.

Academic Civic Engagement (ACE) Courses

ACE Courses enable students to extend learning beyond the classroom and apply academic knowledge and skills to address community issues as an integrated component of a course. This initiative is a collaboration between the ACE Program, faculty, and community partners. Students can learn about ACE course offerings by clicking on the link above. Contact Tonya Kjerland <kjerland> in the office of Academic Civic Engagement for more information.

Social Entrepreneurship Scholars Summer Internship Program

The Social Entrepreneurship Scholars Summer Internship Program provides an opportunity for students to explore social impact careers, gain professional experience and develop as leaders.  Students complete a full-time internship with a Twin Cities non-profit, for-profit or public organization while participating in regular academic and vocational reflection with fellow students, faculty, community leaders and alumni.

Events & Workshops

The Piper Center sponsors events such as Northfield Connect and the Service Expo that enable students to pursue service civic engagement opportunities and connect these experiences to their academic study and career interests.


Piper Center staff and peer advisors are eager to help students integrate service, leadership, and civic engagement into their St. Olaf education. Students are welcome to stop by the Piper Center to meet with a peer advisor or to schedule an appointment with a career coach.