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Piper Center Advising Resources for Faculty

As a faculty member, the Piper Center’s resources are most useful as advising tools. Encourage your advisees to visit the Piper Center for help with everything from finding their vocational interests, to choosing a major or career, to finding a jobinternship or other experiential learning opportunity. If your students are planning on doing an internship, encourage them to explore our St. Olaf Funded Internships or apply for funding through the Piper Center if their internship is un-paid or underpaid. For more information about the Piper center’s mission and what we do, please visit our about page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our staff.

General Resources for Advising

Featured Resources

  1. Visualizing the Liberal Arts — Chart helps calm student anxiety about careers after graduation by showing the wide variety of paths stemming from any particular major.
  2. Don’t just check off those requirements — Helps students understand how their general education requirements relate to job skills and alumni careers.
  3. Supervising an Intern — Serving as a faculty supervisor of an academic internship entails a few key responsibilities.

Discovering Vocation, Major, and Career Interests

  1. Choosing a major — Helpful resources for choosing a major. This guide includes advice for all students, regardless of where they are in the decision-making process.
  2. Exploring careers — Helps students assess and explore their own career and vocational interests.
  3. What is vocation? — Helps students understand the concept of vocation.

Events & Programs

  1. St. Olaf funded internships and generic funding for internships — Cohort-based internship experiences funded by the college, including generic funding for unpaid or underpaid internships.
  2. Events & Fairs — An overview of the year’s career, grad school, and alumni networking events.
  3. Quo Vadis — A leadership retreat for sophomores funded by the Piper Center that helps students discern and understand their vocational direction.

Career & Internship Resources

  1. Handshake — The Piper Center’s main online resource for posted jobs and internships. All career coaching appointments are scheduled through the system.
  2. Online Alumni Directory — Contains basic information about alumni including class year, location, occupation, major, and further education. Many are open to informational interviews.
  3. Internships & Jobs by Interest Area — Lists of links to external career and internship sites to help kickstart the job search process.
  4. Experiential Learning Opportunities by Field — A comprehensive list of organizations where Oles have interned in the past while a student at St. Olaf.

Supervising an Academic Internship

Serving as a faculty supervisor of an academic internship entails a few key responsibilities. The Piper Center staff and faculty supervisors of internships work together to:

  • Provide every interested student with internship, career, and experiential learning information.
  • Guide the student in completing the Academic Internship Learning Agreement and Plan, assigning academic activities that relate to learning goals and strategies.
  • Conduct a site visit, when possible, in order to exchange ideas and discuss student progress.
  • Review evaluations and conduct supportive pre- and post-internship reflection sessions with interns.

For more information, visit our Supervising an Academic Intern pages.

Piper Center Coaches and Peer Advisors

Our staff are available to meet with students throughout the year to assist with their vocational discernment and career search needs. We are prepared to assist students with a range of activities, including: exploring majors, pursuing internships and jobs, conducting volunteer service, applying to graduate school, scholarships and fellowships, starting their own business, and much more.

Each Piper Center coach specializes in several career fields. It may be helpful to direct students to particular coaches, depending on their major and/or career interest area. Here is a complete list of our staff members and their respective focus areas. Coaching appointments are all scheduled on Handshake.

Peer Advisors are also available during the academic year to assist students with resumes and cover letters, train students on how to use Handshake, advise on choosing a major, help them navigate searches for job, internship, and volunteer opportunities, and work with them on identifying electronic and print resources for all of their vocational and career needs. Appointments are not necessary for meeting with Peer Advisors. Students can stop by the Piper Center in Tomson 270 any time during normal business hours.