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Searching for Hidden Jobs & Internships

Searching for hidden (un-posted) opportunities

“Hidden Opportunities” refers to those job or internship openings that you will never see posted on a job board. Employers often prefer to use referrals or promote opportunities through professional associations rather than deal with the hassle of numerous unknown applicants for one position. Therefore…

Networking is the NUMBER ONE way to find a job or internship.

Find general networking information and tips here. Or, stop by the Piper Center in Tomson 270 for other resources.

Resources for Identifying People and Organizations to Connect with when Networking:

  • LinkedIn – create your profile and join groups related to your areas of interest, St. Olaf alumni group, and “follow” organizations of interest to you
  • Online Alumni Directory – search by occupational area, city, major, organization – conduct informational interviews with alumni of interest
  • St. Olaf Internship Database – search information about 1300+ internships completed by Oles since 2008. Many of these organizations might be open to hosting an intern again.
  • Opportunities Organized by Major – lists organizations Oles have interned with in the past (similar information as the St. Olaf Internship Database)
  • Professional Association Websites – student membership often comes with access to a directory of professionals and many opportunities to connect in person at events
  • Handshake – your organization of interest may be posting a job in a department that is not your interest and you can browse employer profiles and contact information
  • Directories based on field or industry (MN Nonprofit Directory, for example)
  • Search Glassdoor  to find resources and information on jobs and companies.
  • Online search – find by searching Yahoo or Google by typing in “(interest area) (city)” or other combinations
  • Various job and internship resource books at the Piper Center
  • Chamber of Commerce in a specific city
  • Also, don’t forget to check out our Job Search Tool Form.

Piper Center/Campus Opportunities to Connect:

  • Events & Fairs – note those that involve employers, off-campus organizations, and alumni
  • Attend alumni panels hosted by the Piper Center or other campus departments
  • Expand and maintain your connections with those you come into contact with during volunteer work, off-campus study, civic engagement, summer jobs, internships, undergraduate research, etc.

Strategies for Soliciting Openings:

  • Network with alumni, family, friends who might work at your organization of interest
  • Visit the organization website to check for openings
  • Call the organization and inquire if there are any new or anticipated/upcoming openings
  • Mail a cover letter and resume to the director of your department of interest

If you want advice on searching for posted jobs, click here.