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Transition from Student to Professional

The transition from the Hill into the working world can be a difficult adjustment. Use the resources below to help guide your transition after graduation or off the Hill for summer jobs/internships.

Evaluating an Offer & Negotiating Salary

Deciding whether to take a particular job offering, choosing between different jobs offers, and salary negotiation can be difficult. Although there is not a universal set of criteria that will determine whether or not you should take one job over another, there are some key considerations that might help you in this process.

Relocation Resources

Use these resources to find affordable housing after graduation or for a summer job/internship. Search by location, price range, apartment size, etc.

Living Independently

Understanding your needs and lifestyle choices as an independent adult just out of college is a major adjustment for recent graduates. Learn about living arrangements, employee benefits, general money management skills, paying back your student loans, and credit/debt.

Professionalism in the Workplace

The transition from student to professional is exciting, challenging, and full of surprises. Successfully navigating this transition requires careful preparation.