How to track your research credits

How to Track Your Research Credit

You can keep track of your Research Credits using the “Psych 125 Subject Pool” Moodle site for the current semester. Each experiment will appear as a separate assignment in the grade book. If you have been granted credit for your participation, it will appear here. Your credit will NOT appear in your regular course grade book until the end of the term after the subject pool has closed. General Advice There will be plenty of studies to sign up for! The amount of credits required are calculated based on the needs of the experimenters, so we have an estimate of the number of hours needed and available each semester. Don’t panic if you haven’t participated in a study until later in the semester as some Research Methods students will not have experiments running until a few weeks before finals. Researchers will not email the class alias to advertise their studies, so check the sign up document often, as new experiments will be added throughout the semester.
If you cannot find a research project to participate in, or if you simply don’t want to participate in research, there are alternatives available to you including the alternate video project. Please see the corresponding page for information.