Recruiting participants from the Psych 125 Subject Pool

In your St Olaf Google Drive account, a Google spreadsheet “Research Participation Sign Up Sheet” for the current semester will appear. This document will be used for all recruiting from the Psych 125 classes. All studies, including online surveys must post the relevant sign up information here.  No recruiting is initiated via email, and researchers may not email the class aliases or post information in the Moodle forums announcing their experiments. All students registered in Psych 125 will have read and write access to this document, and will be able to view and sign up for experiments at any time of day.

Find an open experiment tab (“Experiment 1”, “Experiment 2“ etc.) on the bottom of the document and rename it with your experiment name. Fill in the relevant information on the sheet. Your name, email, experiment title, experiment description, date/time, and location are required fields. Time commitment, amount of credit received, and special instructions are helpful for the students signing up to participate and will likely help the study to run more smoothly. Be sure to include an enticing (but relevant) title for your study! People with boring sounding titles generally have a hard time getting participants to sign up for their studies!

If you are only recruiting a particular demographic (gender, age, class year, handedness etc.) be sure to indicate that in the “any qualifications for study” slot. Sometimes students ignore these requirements, so be sure to check their information when they arrive for the study.

If you are conducting an in lab experiment, fill in the days, times and number of open slots that will be available for students to participate. If you have a limited number of time slots, please make note that students should not add additional time slots. If you are conducting a web-based survey, please include information for students to participate. This may be a link to the survey, slots where students may sign up to receive the survey link, or other instructions.

If you are conducting an in lab study or survey that requires absolute confidentiality of your participants, please include instructions for them to contact you in order to schedule a time to participate (these documents, while much more secure than the public sign up sheets used in the past, can be seen by anyone who has been granted access, so be very clear if absolute anonymity is required).

Please do not go over your approved number of participants. If you need more, please contact the Subject Pool Administrator to discuss options.

Please keep track of the following information and forward to us at weekly:

  • Subjects who sign up but do not show up (no-shows)
  • Subjects who cancel within a 2 hour window of the experiment (late cancellations)