Priority for Clearing Campus

The St. Olaf Facilities Department actively monitors weather forecasts.  When there’s a potential weather threat heading our way, Facilities begins verifying campus activities (events, class schedules, day(s) of the week) to help ensure service and safety.  We hope this information is helpful and that we all stay mindful of weather hazards.  If you have further questions please contact the Facilities Department at -3280.

For snow/ice events.  In addition to verifying schedules, Facilities also begins evaluating the status of available equipment, the status of material on hand (fuel, de-icer, sand), ensuring that the building boxes of salt/sand are filled, and evaluating the use of pre-event deployment of de-icer on the walkways.

The hierarchy of road and path clearing procedures are:

  1. Roads and sidewalks– continuous removal and treatment during the event
  2. Parking lots – Service staff/faculty/visitor lots are cleared first
  3. Driving lanes in student lots are opened
  4. Clear loading docks
  5. All other parking areas are cleared as time is available
  6. Clear off-campus properties

After the storm has ended:

  1. Clear dumpsters
  2. Widen/clear curb cuts
  3. Wing out roads, walkways
  4. Clear auxiliary areas (round roof shed, radio tower, wind generator yard, etc)
  5. Refill/replenish supplies, student equipment

After a high winds event, the clearing of fallen tree branches, etc. essentially follows the “For snow/ice events” steps 1-6.