Northfield Reads and Counts

schoolbus1The Challenge:

In 1994, 70% of fourth graders in the United States failed to achieve the basic level of reading proficiency on the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

Our Response:

The Northfield Reads and Counts Tutoring Program!

Northfield Reads and Counts is a local implementation of two national educational initiatives (America Reads and America Counts) seeking to involve community members in helping children develop critical reading and mathematics skills.

We work to connect the expertise, energy and resources of St. Olaf and Carleton College students with Northfield Public Schools students who need extra support and assistance to be successful in the classroom. Tutors work to both provide homework help and build relationships with students.

Tutors are expected to commit to a weekly tutoring schedule at one or more of the Northfield Public Schools. Tutors can work in classrooms with individuals or with small groups, in study halls, or in after-school programs providing one-on-one homework help. Tutors work with students in grades kindergarten through adult learning courses.

Students eligible for Federal or State Work-Study qualify to earn a portion of their work award through work as a Northfield Reads and Counts Tutor.

The tutoring program is coordinated by the Community-Based Work Study Coordinator and the Student Tutor Lead, who oversee scheduling, transportation concerns, training and other supervision needs. In addition to a regular tutoring schedule, Northfield Reads and Counts Tutors must commit to completing orientation, continuing education training, and informal check-ins with the Community-Based Work Study Coordinator each term.

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