Employment Policies

Recreation Employee Manual

Our goal is to keep St. Olaf students, faculty, staff, and alumni coming back to the recreation center.  We achieve this by constantly paying attention to details and providing superior customer service.

To complete this goal, student employees are to:

  1. Have a complete working knowledge of your job(s).
  2. You are to be on duty at your position for your scheduled time.
  3. Answer questions if you can do so correctly. If you do not know the answer to a question or problem situation, DO NOT GUESS or give out wrong information.

Use and/or refer people to other sources of information:
·    Employee handbook, policy and procedures manual
·    Building Supervisor
·    Other staff members
·    If no one is able to assist, take the person’s name and phone number and give the message to the appropriate supervisor.

  1. Respond to user problems and concerns in a positive manner.
    ·    Explain clearly and calmly the procedure, policy, and reasons for the situation.
    ·    Seek additional help and support from other staff members as needed.
    ·    BE SAFE – If you are uncomfortable, call the building supervisor.
  1. Staff meetings will be scheduled during the term as needed. Attendance by all staff is required.  Advanced notice will be given for all meetings.


  1. All employees are required to wear a name tag while on duty and be on time for your shift.
  2. Employees should observe good office decorum and not sit on or prop feet on desk, counter tops, or cabinets.  Keep personal visits brief. No group studying while on duty.
  3. Office telephones are for college business. Personal phone calls are not allowed, including cell phone.  If you do receive a personal phone call, tell them you will return the call later.  Patrons of the facility may not use office phones.  Direct them to the nearest courtesy phone.
  4. It is each workers responsibility to check their email and website sub page for work related notes and requests for substitutions.
  5. Be courteous and helpful at all times to your fellow workers and patrons in the building.
  6. Report to work in neat attire that is appropriate for the job, no ripped, ragged or hole-filled clothing. No hoods on while working. Closed toed shoes required.
  7. Be aware of all your work responsibilities.
  8. Be aware of the programs offered each day.
  9. Be familiar with all emergency procedures including fire, accident, tornado, active shooter, or bomb threat.
  10. Be consistent with rule enforcement.
  11. Student employees must scan their ID card when they are using the building outside of their work hours.
  12. When you are assigned a shift, expectations are that you will complete the entire semester or interim.
  13. If replacement worker is late, stay at your site if you can. If you must go, inform the supervisor.
  14. Communicate any pertinent information with the worker you are replacing from the previous shift.
  15. Eating at your work site is discouraged, but if you must, be discreet and clean.
  16. The following people may assign additional work for you: Judy, Ryan, Janice or Jenny.
  17. If you are requesting a sub(s), you are expected to be a sub.

Protocol for someone refusing/unable to scan ID:

–      Notify patron that they must leave the building to retrieve their ID or exit the building if they do not possess an ID.

–      If patron refuses, notify the Building Supervisor on duty and contact Public Safety to assist if necessary.


Employees are asked to document incidents that occur during work shifts.  Use the incident report form to record incidents such as accident, injury, theft, etc.  Building Supervisors Use the Daily Report Form to report such items as student failure to show up for work, difficult customer situations, broken or missing equipment, or positive action taken by an employee.


Violation of Recreation Facility policies and procedures may result in immediate termination.  An employee may be disciplined, suspended, or terminated during an employment period for the following reasons:

∙      Failure to properly perform assigned job responsibilities including daily cleaning assignments.
·      Failure to comply with the guidelines as outlined in the Student Employee Manual.
·      Frequent tardiness or two (2) unexcused absences (no show).
·      Failure to maintain a helpful, friendly and cooperative attitude while working with fellow employees and with persons utilizing department programs and services.
·      Working while under the influence of alcohol or any other non-prescription drug.
·      Falsification of payroll.
·      Sleeping while on duty.
·      Use of office equipment for personal use without approval.
·      Unexcused absence from mandatory staff training or meeting.

You are evaluated for job security and priority in signing up for future hours:

Evaluators are Judy, Jenny, and Ryan and the part-time Building Supervisors

  • Job performance
  • Abuse of study privilege or electronic devices
  • Late/no-shows
  • Number of sub requests
  • Number of times being a sub Log on to:  http://fusion.stolaf.edu/subs/
  • Helping out/going over and above job description


Building Supervisor Expectations

  1. Dress appropriately for the job wearing RESA shirt and nametag.
  2. Welcome patrons and assist with servicing their needs.
  3. Enforce all Recreation policies
  4. Monitor all student workstations
  5. Make rounds of the building every 30 minutes.
  6. Provide feedback and evaluation of student work – for example – notify Jenny if worker does not show up for the work shift or if tardiness persists, not performing duties of the job, abuse of phone, electronics etc.
  7. Assist with special events when necessary.
  8. Perform other duties as assigned.

Email: alias RESA@stolaf.edu

It is your responsibility to read all messages and respond to instructions/requests.


Each student employee is responsible for working his/her/their assigned shifts throughout the semester, into finals week.  If a substitute is needed for any reason, the employee is responsible for finding a replacement 1-6 days in advance of the time requested off.

Substitutions:    1-6 days in advance

  • Log on to: http://fusion.stolaf.edu/subs/
  • Username: enter your Olaf username
  • Password: enter your Olaf password
  • Click on : Request a Sub (fill in with the drop-down screens)
  • CHECK for Accuracy before submitting.
  • Once your sub request has been filled, you and your sub will receive a confirmation email.

Substitutions:       Emergency substitutions (less than 1 day in advance)

Request a sub by using the RESA alias–

For Example: Subject:  Sub need-Sat 6 – 9 p.m. Sept. 11

Body of message: Fitness Room 3:00-6:00 p.m. for Sat. Sept. 11

This method is meant for emergencies only. If this becomes a habit, disciplinary action may be taken.

Note:  You may make a second request for a sub using the RESA alias. If still unsuccessful, you must contact individual RESA employees by phone.

If you have a short notice emergency: call the Front Desk x3715, or Jenny Peterson X3749, or Judy Tegtmeyer  X3989, or Ryan Townzen x3563 (depending on time of day).

After an extended search (using phone or alias), if no sub was found, email Jenny Peterson, petersj@stolaf.edu, stating the reason why.


  • When you use them, be professional.
    To talk, depress button, pause for one second, you will hear a beep, and begin talking while continuing to depress the button.  When done talking , say “over.”
  • The first shift of the day should distribute the radios to the workstations: front desk and weight room.  The chargers are at the front desk of Tostrud.  Also set up ID scanner.
  • The last shift of the day should return the radios to the chargers and store ID scanner.

Radios must be turned OFF when charging.

Time Sheets:

  • Record hours upon completion of your shift (not during). Falsification of hours worked will result in dismissal.
  • Record your hours as you work them. Don’t wait until the end of the pay period.
  • Complete and submit your time sheet on time twice each month.
  • If you do not receive payment, check to see if time sheet was completed correctly or check with financial aid to see if all your paperwork has been turned in.

Study Policy:

  • Your job is not a study hall and the desk area should not convey that it is.
  • Studying is secondary. Customer service is primary.
  • No laptops, tablets, video games, phones, personal music, movies, or headphones should be used while on duty.
  • No study groups or sessions.
  • A maximum of only two study items are allowed on the desk (book/paper, notebook/calculator).  Other items should not be spread out over the table but in one pile.  All other personal items must be kept out of sight.

Front Desk Workers:

Miscellaneous duties:
•  Basketball baskets and partition curtains, volleyball and tennis nets set-up and take-down.

Do NOT leave desk unattended.

– be familiar with recreation building hours, policies and procedures and enforce them consistently.
– know the names of your co-workers on your shift.
– be willing to assist in the upkeep of the facility.
– fitness room cleaning and assist weight room staff in completing the daily cleaning schedule.
– be able to work without supervision.
– fitness and weight rooms MUST always be supervised.  If weight room staff is not present, the room must close.
– answer phone and give correct information or direct call to proper person.
– Check building and all work sites at the start of the shift and every half-hour.  (Always keep overhead doors closed).
– fill in at various stations to work if needed (only if second supervisor is present to cover)
– Scan IDs
– be familiar with building schedule and programs during your shift.
– collect dirty towels from fitness and weight room, bring to laundry room and bring back clean towels if the equipment room staff has not done so.
– be familiar with security and emergency procedures.
– check out equipment.
– report concerns/problems/incidents to Building Supervisor.
– music selection and volume must be appropriate.
– keep desk and front area clean and tidy.  Remove outdated materials from bulletin boards and counters.

Fitness & Weight Rooms:

  • Pick up towels and bottles.
  • Perform daily cleaning schedule each shift. (Sweep floor when dirt is present).  Re-rack all equipment each shift.
  • Be familiar with equipment and notify supervisor if something is broken.
  • Help with adjusting baskets, curtains, cages in Tostrud
  • Keep areas clean at all times.
  • Ask users with dirty shoes to clean off their shoes before using equipment.
  • Attend to customer if injury occurs; know emergency plan.
    Perform other duties as assigned.