Cross-Listing of Existing Courses

Process for Cross-Listing of Existing Courses in Two Departments/Programs

  1. Instructors interested in cross-listing existing courses must complete and submit electronically a Cross-Listing Rationale in the form of an e-mail that contains the following information:
    • An explanation of the place of the course in the curriculum of each department
    • An explanation of the ways in which the course subject and/or approach lies between two discipline-specific or interdisciplinary fields and/or the approach to the subject matter draws on two discipline-specific or interdisciplinary fields
    • E-mail approval of both/all department chairs/program director
    • E-mail approval of  the relevant associate deans (including the associate dean(s) responsible for overseeing any GE attributes attached to the course)
  2. When the Registrar has received the completed rationale and e-mail approvals, the proposal will be forwarded to the Continuing Programs Subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee for review and approval.
  3. Upon approval, the newly approved cross-listed course will appear in the class and lab in numerical order under the joint heading, as well as in the course listings under both sponsoring departments.  A cross-listing notation will be appended to the class and lab entry.  In the St. Olaf catalog, the course will be listed, in numerical order, under each of the sponsoring departments; an additional cross-listing notation will be included.

In cases in which two departments/programs wish to cross-list more than one course, they may bundle these courses together in one rationale.

The process for cross-listing existing courses in more than two departments/programs is the same, but the course will be housed under the Interdisciplinary Studies (ID) program in the catalog and class and lab schedule.  It may be cross-listed under all of the participating departments in the catalog and in the class and lab schedule.

For the Cross-Listing of Courses: Policy approved by the faculty in April 2007, please see

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