Faculty View and Print Class/Advisee List


  • Class lists are private information, protected by FERPA.  Read the privacy statement on the SIS login page, and refer to the link to the FERPA policy on each page of the SIS. 
  • Do not post or leave class lists in any public place. 
  • Any student whose name is highlighted in red has asked for restricted access of his/her student information. From a course roster or advisee list, click on the student’s name and read the FERPA message at the bottom of the student’s Personal page to find out what the restriction is.  It is crucial that you reveal no information on this student to any persons mentioned.  The appropriate response to a third-party request in a case where the student wishes no release of directory information is: “I have no information about that student.”
  • If anyone, including parents, calls asking for academic information about any of your students, check the student’s Personal page to see if any restrictions apply. You may prefer to refer the caller to the Dean of Students Office.

On the Registrar’s home page:

  • Go to: https://www.stolaf.edu/sis/login.cfm
  • Log in using your St. Olaf login and password.
  • On the left-hand side of the page, under “Faculty,” click on “Courses” [or, for advisees list, “Advisees,”]
  • Make sure the correct year and term are showing for the course list(s) you wish to view.  Change the year and term, if necessary, using the pull-down menus.
  • You should see the courses you are teaching for that year and term.  Additionally, you can see:
    • The number of credits the course carries;
    • The general education attributes it carries (click on the attribute to see the guidelines);
    • The days of the week and time of day the course is offered;
    • The classroom location; (click to see available technology)
    • The name of the instructor (click on the name to see additional information);
    • The number of students enrolled;
    • A pull-down menu.  This menu allows you to view your class list in several formats:
      • The roster (list of students) only;
      • The roster + pictures of your students;
      • (Disregard the “wait list” link; wait lists are maintained by the instructor, not the SIS.)
      • The roster with final grade (for previous terms).
  • Choose the format you wish to view and click “GO.”
  • If you wish, you may also view your class list in an Excel spreadsheet.  Simply click on the Excel icon at the bottom right corner of your class roster.  Save it as you normally would in working with Excel.
  • If you wish to print a class list, choose “Print” in the normal way for your computer.
  • If you wish to view the information for another course, use the blue “breadcrumbs” (rather than the “back” button at the top of the screen) to navigate back to your complete course list for the term.
  • If you select “Advisees,” you will see your current list of advisees. You may select just those advisees of a given class year (under “Class”). For each individual advisee, use the pull-down menu at the right to view various information, including:
    • that student’s courses,
    • grades,
    • degree audit,
    • personal information,
    • placement results (for new students),
    • registration submissions (while registration periods are open),
    • organizations and awards.

To send an email or to view the list in Excel, see instructions pertaining to students, above.